"Cloud shadows race over the buff rock stacks as a projected film, casting a queasy, mottled ground rash. The air hisses and it is no local breeze but the great harsh sweep of wind from the turning of the earth. ...  It is like a deep note that cannot be heard but is felt, it is like a claw in the gut..."   Annie Proulx

On our way

Tomorrow, Jess and I head off to Kaycee for our first official documentary shoot with the Meike Brothers.  We met Peto last August and now we get to meet Don  and the rest of the extended "ranch family"  We're shooting with a Sony FS700 4K kit and a couple of Canon 7Ds for time-lapse and B-roll.  We'll also meet with their neighbors and other town folk and begin to plan out the next year of shooting.  It's the beginning of a great adventure and we are both nervously excited.